6 Steps for the Introduction of a PDM System

Individual support and consulting during the introduction of a PDM system is particularly important. Learn more about your processes with the help of workshops and demonstrations. To achieve the best possible results, these steps should not be neglected when introducing PDM:

1.  Step: Initial Interview

Individual consulting is the key to success. Because your personal consultant can filter out which processes need to be streamlined and how work is done in your company. That is why it is important to be in close contact with your contact person right from the start.

2.  Step: Personal (Online) Demonstration

The initial meeting has given your consultant some impressions that help to better understand your company. Your contact person will already address your personal challenges and show you relevant PDM functions. This demonstration will give you added value to your existing product data management. After the demonstration, you will see why an appropriate PDM system is absolutely necessary for you.

3.  Step: Workshop

The workshop serves to define the details for the introduction of PDM. Together with an ERP partner, implementation options are discussed so that redundant work, such as copying parts lists from CAD software, is avoided. This is followed by a concrete concept that includes the scope of the offer and individual solutions for you.

4.  Step: Offer Phase

The workshop filtered out how your PDM system needs to be adapted specifically to you. After that, a concrete offer can be made. You will be told how large the scope of the required licenses and associated services should be.

5.  Step: Test Phase

The test phase involves evaluating the individual adjustments described in the concept and testing the processes accordingly. If a data transfer takes place, then this is also part of the test environment.

6.  Step: Switch to Productive

Once all adjustments have been made, the trial version is armed and all data can be effectively managed and organized.  

Successfully Implemented - Data Secured?

Data security is an important issue. In almost all companies, sensitive customer data is managed and this must be well locked and secured. You can read what you need to know about data security in the following blog article "Data security in the PDM system".

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