Data Security in the PDM System - How to Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

The knowledge accumulating over the product lifecycle is a supporting pillar of a company. Diverse information from different departments and even from different locations leads to a high volume of data. This company know-how and the data of customers must be specially protected in order to secure them against unauthorized access. Therefore, it is a legitimate question how securely this product data is managed in the PDM system.

Secured, But Not Locked - Electronic Safe

The electronic vault (Vault-Server) provides central storage of your data. This protects your data from improper access through an encryption mechanism. This preserves all data, such as your version history, and there is no loss of dependent files.

User Rights System

You can assign access rights so that only authorized people be able to open the documents. These rights can be restricted as desired. In addition, all changes, all workflow transitions, versioning and departments are logged.

HELiOS - Secure Business Processes

HELiOS accompanies you in all processes of your company and ensures the protection and management of your information. Ensure smooth communication between all departments and locations! The secure software manages your product data, gives releases and locks everything from unauthorized access.

Now you know the first steps to protect your data from unauthorized access. But what else should you look for when choosing the right PDM software? You can read about this in the blog article "Choosing the right PDM software".

Data security is a complex topic. Do you want to know more about how you can protect your most important assets? Then read our free guide "Maximum Data Protection".

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