HELiOS 2022

HELiOS 2022, the latest version of our PDM software, is now available. One developmental focus was on the performance increase in various areas, from the combined search in the HELiOS Deskop and the object search in the HELiOS Internet Server to the workspace in the MultiCAD interfaces.

The significantly simplified editing of attribute values directly in the HELiOS user interface as well as the enhancements in the display of units should also be emphasized. In order to further meet requirements for international work, the range of functions for the display of units (e.g. length or volume units or time specifications) has been significantly expanded in HELiOS 2022. For example, with the help of attribute management, it is possible to work with unit categories for database attributes that also distinguish between EU and US units. These are displayed accordingly in masks and result lists of the HELiOS interface and automatically converted.

Also new is that as of HELiOS 2022, the previous ISD.PDM.API will be dropped and replaced by the new API from HELiOS.Interface. This is an API independent of HiCAD with which you can conveniently create, search for or change objects such as projects, documents and articles. Workflow editing can also be facilitated with the API. No additional module is required to use the API, but it does require participation in a training course and programming knowledge.

Last but not least, the functionality of the Inventor and SOLIDWORKS integration modules has also been extended.


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