HELiOS 2022 Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 for HELiOS 2022 is now available. One of the development points was the further expansion of the distraction functionality.

The derivation of projects and folders without content has been extended. Here, for example, subprojects or subfolders of the respective structure can now be selected or deselected via the extended dialogue. Another new feature is that pipe classes in HiCAD Plant Engineering can be derived with content, i.e. characteristics of all or only certain variants. Also here - as with projects and folders - the workflow membership can be influenced.

In addition, the work with length units has been extended once again. Examples are output settings for inches and feet as well as the consideration of the unit category when copying and pasting attribute values. And in the Multi-CAD area, as of SP2 the batch update has an independent dialogue and is thereby much more user-friendly.

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