HELiOS 2024 - Service Pack 1

Innovative features for a smooth workflow! With HELiOS 2024 SP1, the latest program version of our PDM software is now available. We have made every effort to optimise many functions for easier and faster use. We have summarised the highlights of this version for you here.

  • Support of specific options per HELiOS user
  • Integration of the Cadmium Cloud for viewing 3D models
  • Display of masks analogous to the desktop application
  • Spooler admin tool without Windows administrator rights
  • Mail sending via API and e-mail templates
  • And much more...

    For more information and an overview of all innovations, check out our online help.

Mask display and object detail dialogs in searches in HIS
This short video shows the improved and functionally enhanced display of HELiOS masks in the HELiOS Internet Server (HIS). It also shows the mask behaviour on narrow screens such as mobile phones and the integration of object detail dialogs in searches.

Integration of the Cadmium Viewer into the HIS
This video shows the 3D display capabilities by integrating the Cadmium Web Viewer into the HELiOS Internet Server (HIS).