Importance of PDM for Your Company: Discover a New World

Is your employee on vacation, and you can't find the necessary documents? PDM software structures your product data and supports you in successfully solving your engineering tasks. In addition, your data is protected from unauthorized access. Do you want to protect your data?

Time and Cost Savings

Automation is already a very often discussed topic in the construction industry. Therefore, you know that automatisms can save a significant amount of time. The time pressure in your industry leads to all processes being streamlined as much as possible. One way to do this is to automatically transfer data from your CAD software to the PDM and ERP systems. In addition, you save time by being able to find all data quickly. Furthermore, documents such as parts lists and neutral formats can be created at the push of a button, you can give your customers quick insights and reducing costs and time.

These savings give you the opportunity to put your staff where it´s needed.


Every company specializes in different areas, so PDM software needs to be customized. These adaptations offer the long-term advantage that the software takes effect where you need support.

Process Reliability

With many people involved, communication difficulties can arise. This leads to uncertain responsibilities in a project and the question of when something must be processed. It can also happen that employees continue working with documents that have not been released. Such unnecessary efforts can be easily prevented, since a PDM system works with release techniques, so that process reliability remains given.

Support Throughout the Entire Process Chain

From the order to the transfer of the production documents: All files can be assigned to a project and already viewed in the PDM system. It is immediately apparent at what stage the project is, who the processor is and whether there is a release. This is not just a folder structure, but a user-friendly interface that immediately displays all important information.

After reading what PDM can mean for you specifically, you may want to know more about the individual process of implementation, because without analyzing these it´s not possible to streamline your company ones. Read the following blog: "6 steps to implementing a PDM system".

Interdepartmental work often leads to communication difficulties and endangers the process chain. Find out what solutions PDM has in store for you with our guide "Company-wide process safety". 👇

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