Why HELiOS Is the Best Choice - Bringing Data Chaos into Calm Waters

HELiOS is the product data management (PDM) software of the ISD Group. You could already read about the advantages of PDM for your company. We will now show you how HELiOS implements these advantages.

Avoid a Turbulent Ride Through Effective Communication and Transparency

Communication between CAD and ERP

PDM is particularly interesting for the construction industry, as it creates an interface between CAD and ERP. CAD software is drawing-oriented and since ERP systems are article-oriented, PDM must be the link. In HELiOS article numbers are assigned so that projects and individual files can be allocated at any time. A normal document management system (DMS) would not be able to do this.

Transparency in Responsibility

Automation is becoming more and more relevant to save time. HELiOS has the ability to regulate files via shares. This ensures that workflows are followed and rework is avoided. Otherwise, it can happen that work is done on outdated versions of the model.

Linking With MultiCAD Systems

For every CAD program it makes sense to work in parallel with a PDM system. A lot of data means a lot of effort for your company. Link your HiCAD, Inventor, AutoCAD, EPlan or Navisworks with HELiOS to manage every little file. Even without a CAD license, all steps can be traced and views created for a design manager.

Process Support

HELiOS works process-accompanying to your project. Already in the design phase you can create the order data and all product documents can be released from HELiOS. What you may not have known is that it is important for certification that all states of the project must be recorded.

During construction, you can see exactly who is working on what and intermediate steps can be easily shown to the customer. Even the simulations and assembly films can be reproduced in it.

HELiOS also shows its advantages for the output. How long do you need to create your parts list? Do you still enter it in Excel? All article information and neutral formats managed in HELiOS can be created completely automatically.

Buy Instead of Subscription

The advantages of purchasing software have already been explained. A purchase saves you costs in the long term, as the software pays for itself.

How Can HELiOS Help Your Company?

You need a product data management system in the field of construction? We offer you one. But beware: We do not only offer standard! We find the right solution exactly for you! Because individuality is our strength. The advantage is that we have developed the software on our own and therefore we can implement adjustments independently. Read more about the workshop and individual consulting here.

Do you need a sophisticated structure for your product data? Our free guide "Intelligent Document Management" helps you find solutions for some challenges.

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