Workshop - Tailor-Made Solution for Your Company

Through the workshop, the personal sales consultant learns more about your processes and how HELiOS should support you. This enables effective support from ISD Group so that all preparations for an uncomplicated implementation of the PDM software can take place.

For Whom is the Workshop Suitable?

Are you looking for a new structuring of your product data and want to know how this can save you time? For all those the workshop is suitable. In the workshop, you will sit down with the company's project manager or the contact person for this topic and the consultant. In the case of an ERP coupling, the ERP partner also comes along. This ensures that the system is really adapted to all eventualities.

What Can Participants Expect?

Your personal consultant takes the time to analyze all of your processes and streamline them as much as possible with the PDM software. The workshop is similar to a management consultancy that gives you important tips and tricks for process optimization. The highly professional consultants have the necessary experience values due to their many years of working with processes.

What will the Participants Learn in the Seminar?

Above all, you will learn more about your own processes. In addition, all of your questions regarding PDM and HELiOS will be answered.

Why Exactly Should this Workshop Be Booked?

The workshop can be used to define exactly which requirements can be implemented and which solutions PDM still has in store for you. You have the opportunity to bring in your ideas so that the software is adapted exactly to your company and your processes.

What Are the Competencies of the ISD Group?

Years of experience combined with competent consultants offer you the best possible support. The ISD Group is not just a supplier, but a partner and supports you in all challenges. In addition, the customer is not just a number and is individually supported. The PDM software is specifically adapted to the customer. That is why the preparation, such as the workshop, is particularly important in order to be able to implement all questions, wishes and optimizations. This can only happen because the development is located directly in-house. Do you also want to be a part of the ISD family? Please feel free to ask for an individual consultation for your processes!

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