WVH Gevelprojecten: designing the perfect facade in HiCAD

A facade is much more than the shell of a building and provides protection, insulation and appearance. A good design is therefore the basis for a good facade. This is also the opinion of Bart Halters, head of the business office at WVH Gevelprojecten in the Netherlands.

Building together

WVH likes to be involved in a project at an early stage. This allows them to see what the architect's wishes are and how they can best approach the project. The organisation often works on BIM projects in which everything is coordinated on the basis of a 3D model. The great added value of this is that you can see what the other parties are making and you can take this into account in the design phase.

Detailed engineering 

WVH Gevelprojecten works with the HiCAD CAD package of ISD Group. The organisation draws everything in it, right down to the last screw. By working so accurately in the initial phase, you can tackle challenges early on in the process. With HiCAD, WVH has a good basis in the Element Installation module, which enables them to tackle any facade project properly.

Software with truly added value for facade engineering.
Bart Halters, head of production planning at WVH Gevelprojecten

Excellent output

Halters explains that engineering is optimised within WVH by means of HiCAD. The sheet metal work, including the associated operations, is also all included in the software. "A real added value for the control of our production process. We place the output from HiCAD as an export file one-to-one in the software of the production machines, including those of our suppliers, which reduces the risk of errors.

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