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4 veel gemaakte fouten bij procesoptimalisatie met CAD-software
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4 common mistakes in process optimisation with CAD software

Speed up, simplify and do it without making mistakes. That is what process optimisation should look like. The daily practice of many companies is more difficult. We have found 4 common mistakes in process optimisation with CAD software and put a positive spin on them. Here's how to make a success..
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4 trends in process optimisation with CAD software

Continuous improvement is important for a company, regardless of the sector in which it operates. Process optimisation with CAD software is an obvious choice. At a minimum, it can reduce the number of manual operations. But more is possible. These are the 4 major trends in process optimisation with..
Zo zorgt CAD-software HiCAD voor een optimaal bedrijfsproces
CAD-Software HiCAD, Blog

This is how HiCAD CAD software optimises business processes

Taking full advantage of a smoothly running business process is a wonderful feeling. Software plays an increasingly important role in this, such as the HiCAD 3D CAD application. A business assessment is one of the ways in which you as a "user" can get the most out of the software's capabilities...
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3D software: more efficiency, confidence and security

For more than 45 years, Limeparts-Drooghmans has specialised in realising high-quality ventilated facade systems. At the beginning of this year, a definitive departure was made from two-dimensional designs. Since then, every project has been engineered in HiCAD 3D software from which the extensive..

HiCAD 2023

HiCAD 2023 is the latest version of our CAD software for all-rounders and experts.
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Steel plate processor makes digital turnaround

For decades, Joop van Zanten Staalservice has been a total supplier in the processing and treatment of steel sheets. The company from Veenendaal is in the process of a digital revolution and is investing heavily in the digitisation and automation of (business) processes. HiCAD from ISD Group is an..
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High productivity and much more overview thanks to HiCAD and HELiOS

Seed Processing Holland B.V. (SPH) is a specialist in producing machines for seed processing companies. The company, based in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, has been around for 55 years and contributes to the success of seed processing companies worldwide. They do this through the development,..
CAD-Software HiCAD

Does BIM slow down your process? Combat it with good CAD software

BIM is important in construction. Yet there is a good chance that BIM slows down your process. It mainly results in more administration and that takes time. But there are definite advantages to BIM, especially for companies that look and think ahead. A large group of companies in the construction..
CAD-Software HiCAD

These 4 essential CAD software functions save you time when creating production drawings

One minute in which you are sure that what you are doing is right. Call it a short sprint. That sounds good, right? Having CAD software automatically produce production drawings is closer than you think. Moreover, you can immediately see whether you already have a drawing for something or not. Does..
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