Facade builder VPG Aluminium Frames saves costs with CAD software from HiCAD

Facade builder VPG Aluminium Frames saves costs with CAD software from HiCAD

"Where it is difficult to design a complete facade in 2D, in 3D it fits like a glove." For Sander Mols of VPG Aluminium Frames, this is one of the clearest advantages of working with 3D CAD software. "In addition, there is less discussion because it is easier to get something right on paper and convey it. For example, in terms of typesetting." 

Mols is operations director of VPG Aluminium Frames, a company that has now been manufacturing windows, doors and curtain walls for 26 years. His experience shows that HiCAD provides efficiency gains, something that also leads to cost savings.

‘Saving hours of work'

"The main cost saving that the 3D software ensures is that we and contractor can check connections and discrepancies more easily. This saves us hours of work. That is of course interesting and all the more so in a market that is increasingly moving towards working with 3D. For example, due to the increasing demand for BIM."

Delivering cost-efficient products

VPG Aluminium Frames is a company that employs a total of sixty, seventy staff. "We are good at creative solutions within the capabilities of the system house. With an inspired team, we deliver cost-efficient products." The company launched HiCAD about a year and a half ago. The application is supposed to replace AutoCAD. "I see 2023 as the year of transition."

‘Reduce lead time with 3D CAD software'

"With 3D CAD software, we save on project lead time in the long run. In addition, we see the link between HiCAD and LogiKal as something positive. It helps to better organise both the 2D and 3D library. This really helps us standardise. We also save on working out typesetting, something, moreover, that can be conveyed better in 3D than in 2D."

Better 'first-time-right'

Although the operations director is experiencing the benefits of working with 3D CAD software, his company has not yet managed to test all the features of the application due to lack of capacity. "I expect that the software will help us take errors out of a project. Not so much any errors in our own drawing process, but we will have more opportunities to check the dimensions supplied by a contractor. In addition, I expect that if we are able to read complete IFC models - and thus have more information at our disposal - that will also lead to error reduction and better first-time-right."

‘Serving customers as they wish'

Besides saving time and realising error reductions, Mols also expects HiCAD to lead to another form of 'profit'. "We see that the demand for BIM is increasing, also for our type of projects, which by the way are not primarily in the category of complex or prestige. Architects are asking for more complex things more often, also in our type of projects. However, the ability to take on prestige projects is desirable and important. For that reason, we are now betting on using 3D CAD software. That helps us work efficiently and serve clients as they wish."

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