Family company Van Oorschot Aluminium invests in 3D CAD software

For three generations, Van Oorschot Aluminium has been an established name in the world of aluminium constructions and focuses on the production and delivery of aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding doors and folding walls. To remain  relevant in the future, the company invested in CAD software for 2D and 3D design. Bart Verbakel, draughtsman and work planner at Van Oorschot Aluminium, explains why the company choose for ISD’s HiCAD

We used to work mainly in 2D and outsource the 3D drawing work to a partner, Verbakel begins. “Because the demand for 3D BIM is increasing, we decided to invest in 3D CAD software ourselves,” says Verbakel. “We ended up at ISD Group trough befriended partners and conversations with colleagues at trade fairs and meetings. We then started to look into whether HiCAD could be of interest to us. After several mutual conversations and an extensive demo, we were convinced of HiCAD’s qualities and possibilities for our business.

Perfect support

n April this year, ISD Group started implementing the software at Van Oorschot Aluminium. “Quite soon after that, we started a training course to get to know all the ins and outs of the software, and since the Summer holidays we have been drawing our first projects in 3D,” says Verbakel proudly. “For example, we are now working on the De Mersjant apartment complex in Tilburg in 3D, and the final phase of De Jonkvrouw in Geldrop is also being drawn entirely in HiCAD. The first three blocks of De Jonkvrouw were drawn in 3D by our partner, we are now doing the last phase ourselves. And we can say that this is actually going very well. Of course, when learning and working with new software you always run into certain issues, but from ISD Group we can count on perfect support. They really think along with us, even if, for example, we miss certain functionalities, so that these can be included in a subsequent update. At other software companies you are often just a number, at ISD Group they really listen to you.”

From ISD Group we can count on perfect support. They really think along with us“

Van Oorschot Aluminium’s ambitions are clear. Verbakel: “Now that we can tackle 3D BIM projects in-house, it opens doors to other (complex) projects. HiCAD offers the possibility of switching very quickly between 2D and 3D and is connected on a one-to-one basis with LogiKal and ReynaPro, the processing programme of our profile supplier Reynaers Aluminium. If you make a change in one programme, it is immediately reflected in the other programme. This is very
efficient. Finally, it is even possible to control the machines in our factory directly from the software.” Download the pdf-version here

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