HiCAD 2023

HiCAD 2023 is the latest version of our CAD software for all-rounders and experts.

HiCAD 2023 is the latest version of our CAD software. From now on, constructions are possible in metric as well as imperial units of measurement.[nbsp] And there are numerous enhancements that further simplify working with HiCAD. For example, the Drawing, Views and Sketch ribbons have been streamlined somewhat and are thus clearer. In addition, we have modernised and improved various user dialogues, e.g. for 3-D grids or rectangular plates in Steel Engineering. A highlight of the new version is certainly the new Report Manager, with which bills of materials can now be configured much more conveniently. Also worthy of mention are the extensive catalogue extensions for US standard parts as well as the associativity of detail views and the automatic dimension calculation with choice of dimension orientation.

The industry functions have also been expanded, for example, the Plant Engineering functions. In addition to the support of eccentrically inserted pipes, the new part insertion function for straight pipes has been expanded, so that, for example, a complete bent guideline can now be occupied with parts in one step. In Steel Engineering, elbows with/without end caps can now also be applied at handrail ends with the Railing Configurator. And for Sheet Metal, the functionality for lengthening sheets has been combined in a new dialogue, with which flanges and bend zones or complete Sheet Metal parts can be conveniently lengthened or shortened as desired. The change of length can be carried out in a bending simulation.


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