HiCAD and LogiKal: Engineering and calculation in one system

It is one of the great advantages of CAD software especially for facade engineering: the connection with Orgadata's LogiKal software package. But what exactly are the advantages for facade engineers and how does the connection between a CAD system and LogiKal work exactly?

What can you do with LogiKal?

Many facade engineers in the glass curtain wall industry plan and produce their projects using LogiKal. Among other things, LogiKal provides companies with access to an extensive library of different types and brands of windows, doors, frames and curtain walls, including accessories such as locks, hinges and door closers. LogiKal is also popular as a calculation tool. You can make quotations for all your projects quick and easily. LogiKal also supports the operation of most saw benches and CNC machines, so you can easily control your production.

What is not possible with LogiKal?

LogiKal works with 2D CAD. This means that working in BIM is not possible with LogiKal. Also, you cannot design and produce sheet metal work in LogiKal - something that many facade engineers add. The same applies to the implementation of more complex projects. An example of this is Hourglass, a modern office and hotel complex that was built on the Zuidas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All the facade elements in the building have their own unique shape. A project that would not have succeeded with LogiKal by itself.

Connection LogiKal and your 3D CAD system

With a connection between LogiKal and your 3D CAD system, you combine the best of two worlds: LogiKal for calculating and controlling your production and your 3D CAD system for working with BIM and modelling more complex projects. And with a bi-directional connection between both systems, you don't have to keep switching between your CAD system and LogiKal, but can perform all your work from one interface. Updates and changes in your CAD system are also carried out automatically in LogiKal and vice versa.

Always the right solution

Thanks to the connection between LogiKal and your CAD system, you as a facade engineer will always have the right solution at hand. Your process can look something like this:

1. Planning and production of standard windows, doors, frames and curtain walls

LogiKal gives facade engineers access to the libraries of various suppliers of profiles, fittings and accessories. With this data, most standard windows, doors and frames can be easily developed and produced.

2. Working in BIM

More and more clients require working with BIM. This requires a 3D CAD system. With a bi-directional connection between LogiKal and your 3D CAD software, you will only need one system.

3. Segmented facades

In the case of segmented facades, profiles can be retrieved from LogiKal and then adjusted using your 3D CAD system. So there is no need to build a design from scratch.

4. Complex projects

Architects coming up with increasingly complex facades. You can think of slanting, polygonal and specially designed glass fibres. You cannot engineer these complex projects with LogiKal alone, but you can with 3D CAD software.

Tips for a streamlined engineering process

Whichever way you work, the link between LogiKal and 3D CAD software enables you to carry out any project successfully. Do you also want quick and error-free engineering? In our checklist for companies in the facade industry you will find more tips for a streamlined engineering process. Download the checklist today.

More information?

The connection to LogiKal in HiCAD is a great advantage. Would you like to know which other reasons make facade engineers choose for HiCAD? Then read the blog "Why façade builders choose HiCAD". Or do you need help in choosing the right CAD package? Then the blog "How to select the right CAD software" might help you. 

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