Making of: A glimpse behind the Facade

Thursday morning, 7 a.m. - My plane takes off for Munich. I'm looking forward to the days ahead together with the film agency FYNAL, the company Dobler Metallbau and my colleagues Florian Egger and Stefan Rubner from ISD Nuremberg.

Why are we doing all this? We want you to experience HiCAD 3D-CAD and HELiOS PDM through a reference film. Together with our customer Dobler, we would like to provide an insight behind the scenes - how is a facade planned, designed, individual elements created and finally built/assembled? Dobler Metallbau specializes in innovative facades made of metal and glass and implements complete construction projects with the support of ISD Group.

In Deggendorf, Dobler's factory location, we were warmly welcomed and given an exclusive insight into technology, programming and production. We tried to capture everything with the camera and it was impressive to see how HiCAD & HELiOS harmonize in practice. These two software programs support from planning, programming of the machines to manufacturing and really simplify the whole process.

A week later we went to Berlin for the next shoot. We didn't want to miss the opportunity to show the project "Hochhaus am Europaplatz", which Dobler is currently equipping with a facade - An absolute highlight. After all, who has ever seen live how facade elements are installed at dizzying heights? Already in the morning from the hotel, I was able to look at this huge building. In glorious weather we went up to the 8th floor of the high-rise building at Europaplatz wearing helmets and vests - suitably equipped for the construction site. We were greeted by an impressive view over Berlin and many friendly construction workers who enthusiastically assembled element after element. At that moment, I was just proud that ISD Group's software is a part of this huge project and that I can enjoy this experience. The most exciting thing was to see how the facade elements, which were assembled in the production hall in Deggendorf just a week ago, were transported to the 8th floor.

It was a great experience, with a great film team, motivated Dobler employees and my dedicated colleagues from the ISD Group in Nuremberg.

This film takes a look behind a beautiful and powerful facade, shows you the complex processes and how many people with great passion are behind a big project like this. Let yourself be inspired in the same way! After many eventful days and a flight cancellation later, I arrived back at our headquarters in Dortmund. Many thanks for the great experience to all involved!

You can watch the film for free:

Reference Film - Dobler Metallbau & ISD Group