Save time and avoid mistakes with smart CAD software

3D CAD software is not only useful for draftsmen who work with CAD software every day. Good CAD software is capable of taking your entire organisation to a higher level. Choosing the right software and implementing it properly brings you, as a facade builder, one step closer to a more profitable business.

Time is money

As a facade builder, you probably know better than anyone what the expression 'time is money' means. Many companies find that engineers, production staff and other colleagues spend a lot of time on double work and manual actions. Time that undoubtedly could have been spent better. Good 3D CAD software helps to considerably shorten your turnaround process by preventing double work and automating simple actions.

Prevent mistakes

Not only can you speed up the process by eliminating unnecessary manual tasks, 3D CAD software can also help prevent (human) mistakes. 3D CAD software gives you a better overview of the model and the possible problems than 2D CAD software alone. In addition, 3D CAD software makes it possible to work with BIM, which makes it easier to share your model with clients and other parties involved. Because everyone works with the same information, the chance of mistakes during a project is much lower.

5 ways of working faster and without mistakes with 3D CAD software

Do you spend a lot of time making changes to your model or do you regularly encounter errors during assembly? These 5 ways will save you a lot of time and help you avoid mistakes with the help of 3D CAD software:

1. 2D/3D combined modelling within one system

No more creating of separate drawings for your client and production.

2. Bi-directional connection with LogiKal

Calculating and engineering from one system, including access to a large library of profiles, fittings and other accessories with automatic labelling and item numbering.

3. Automatic production lists

Create automatic production data, production and assembly drawings, and BOM and saw lists.

4. Automatic adjustments

All your modifications in your 2D model will automatically adjust in your 3D model, and vice versa.

5. Produce with one push of a button

Control your production directly from your 3D CAD programme.

Choosing 3D CAD software for facade engineering

Not every 3D CAD software has these features. For example, 3D CAD software may not be designed for facade engineering or you may need multiple systems to create your 2D and 3D CAD drawings. Our step-by-step plan "How to select the right CAD software for facade engineering" helps you determine which features are indispensable and which CAD software is best suited for your company.

Optimal lead time thanks to 3D CAD

3D CAD software can help you optimise your company's process. From the creation of the basic details to the assembly of the cladding, windows, doors or curtain walls. By speeding up the process and reducing mistakes, you will end up with a better profit margin. Curious about what the ideal process looks like according to ISD Group? Download our free step-by-step plan 'Fast and flawless engineering in facade construction' now.

More information?

Do you want to know which factors to take into account when choosing CAD software? Then read our blog "What does CAD software really cost?"

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