Software for integrated design and production

BIM is conquering the civil engineering sector. The organisation ‘Van Hoesel’ is also increasingly confronted with BIM methodologies. However, the facade builder lacked solid software in which both the design and the control of the production process could be managed. In practice, this meant running through two processes each time, which increased the risk of mistakes and also spending more time than necessary. This is both past. After an intensive test phase with HiCAD, ‘Van Hoesel’ is convinced.

It is not the first time that we have experimented with new software, begins Ruud Baelemans of Van Hoesel. “In the past, we have worked with other packages all the way up to the operational phase. Previous software was promised to do certain things, but when we started using it turned out not to work at all. On the recommendation of another company, we started to investigate the possibilities of HiCAD. In order to avoid making the same mistake again, and to test the software thoroughly before implementation, we built in the security of an extensive test phase. We sought the cooperation of ISD Group, HiCAD‘s supplier, with the aim of convincing each other over a six-month period.”

Two worlds combined

What is remarkable about HiCAD is the very good combination of the mechanical and the structural aspects, Ruud Baelemans continues. “That is precisely what we need and what Revit, for instance, lacks. Our primary product, the development and production of aluminium frames, is purely mechanical. However, its application is 100% architecture, where building physics, wind and water density and structural properties play a role. HiCAD unites both worlds in one package. A direct link to LogiKal also ensures that, if something is changed in one place, these changes are automatically synchronised in HiCAD. The flexibility of the package is also enormous. It is even possible to customise the software by programming certain combinations or pre-sets yourself. With thanks, by the way, to the excellent instructions from the specialists at ISD. We are also working on specific add-ons for window and door fittings and on a tool that will be written as a customisation for us in order to be able to enrich IFC profile sets ourselves and to supplement them where necessary from HiCAD.

What is striking about HiCAD is the very good combination of the mechanical and the structural aspects

Ruud Baelemans, van Hoesel 

After the six-month test phase, we are convinced of HiCAD‘s qualities, concludes Baelemans. “There are still some things we have to work on together, but ISD is a partner who is open to this, wants to think along with us and acts on it. It is definitely a package to be taken into account.”

About HiCAD

HiCAD, 3D CAD software by ISD Group, enables facade builders to engineer efficiently. Some of the advantages of this software:

  • Dynamic/parametric modelling with 2D/ 3D combined within one system.
  • When adjustments are made, these are automatically updated in all views.
  • With HiCAD, the user can convert „foreign“ drawings (IFC, DWG/DXF, STEP, etc.), e.g. from an architect to a 3D model.
  • The software makes it possible to automatically generate layouts, production and assembly drawings, as well as parts and saw lists, in order to control production.
  • HiCAD can model (very) complex curtain wall shapes and offers a bi-directional interface with LogiKal, among others.

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