Take advantage of these 4 saving tips for facade builders

Take advantage of these 4 saving tips for facade builders

Saving tips are always welcome, especially in a country known as 'thrifty'. Companies are pushing themselves to make savings wherever possible. What are the biggest cost items for facade construction and how can you save on them as a facade builder?

From facade builder cost items to saving tips

What are the biggest cost items for facade builders? For many entrepreneurs, these are the purchasing materials, production, assembly and engineering costs, as well as the deployment of resources and cranes and, of course, labour costs. That is a wide variety of costs and yet, with smart forward-thinking choices, all these costs can be addressed, directly or indirectly.

These are the 4 most important saving tips for facade builders, with and without 3D CAD software:

  • The most important saving tip is not to look primarily at savings, but to embrace progress and new techniques. By doing so, you please engineers, who then throw themselves into their work with more enthusiasm. This approach automatically leads facade builders to think earlier in a project about things that later lead to a lot of unnecessary costs.

  • Working smarter also involves a bit of automation. Whereas you as a facade builder may have been heavily dependent on the work planner at a contractor or client in the past, 3D CAD software gives you the opportunity to see where clashes are in the design. Software reduces the number of human actions and thus also the error rate decreases.

  • You can also save costs by putting more energy into the preliminary process. Think about the basic principles of a job early on. Then, on the basis of these principles, work together with your partners. That way, we will all be moving in the same direction. If you additionally choose 3D CAD software, everyone will be looking at the same information.

  • Promising a lot at the front but being unable to deliver much at the back is disastrous for your operations. Doing what you agree on builds trust and partners know how you work. That trust also makes it easier to talk and exchange data and files, which in turn leads to greater efficiency.

Dare to think ahead!

The world is changing and at the moment, that involves more automation and more cooperation. In facade building, it is no longer usual for everyone to do something on their own and then see if it fits into the whole. Moreover, automation, cooperation and, above all, daring to think ahead are ingredients that allow you to make savings at the bottom of the barrel. Dare to embrace this approach!

Wondering how 3D CAD software can save money and help your business grow? In this 10-minute demo video, we show you.

Golden tips to save costs in facade engineering