The importance of BIM and 3D CAD software for facade engineering

More and more construction companies are discovering the advantages of working with BIM. Also in the facade industry, working with BIM is gaining popularity. Yet there is still a lot to gain. Read more about BIM for the facade industry, the importance of an BSI Facade and working with 3D CAD software.

Building with BIM

There is no way around it as a facade engineer: BIM. The government now makes working with BIM mandatory for public tenders, but other large contracting parties are also increasingly including working with BIM in their conditions. BIM or Building Information Modelling is a 3D model of a project in which the client and subcontractors work together. By sharing a 3D model and other knowledge with each other during a project, a lot of time can be saved and costs can be reduced.

The advantages of working with BIM

  • More and more contracting parties are making it compulsory to work with BIM;
  • Errors can be detected as early as the design phase thanks to BIM;
  • BIM prevents surprises on the building site. It prevents double work;
  • Cooperation through BIM leads to higher customer satisfaction;
  • BIM enables a faster transition from model to production.

Facade engineering BIM Standard

In order to gain maximum benefit from the advantages of working with BIM, clear agreements are required. To exchange information about facades in an efficient, unambiguous way, the UK BIM Framework organisation has therefore developed the BIM Standard. This is elaborated on their website UK BIM Framework Standards & Guidance.


Besides the importance of clear mutual agreements, working with BIM requires companies to work with 3D CAD software. Here, companies are faced with the choice of using several CAD packages alongside each other, which brings with it all the inconveniences, or one package which allows for combined 2D/3D modelling within one system. HiCAD from ISD is currently the only CAD software which can do this in one model.

The future of facade engineering

Besides working with BIM, there are more trends and developments in facade industry. Are you curious about the challenges that await you in the coming years? In our inspiration guide 'A look at the future of facade engineering’, you will find more trends and developments. You can also read how HiCAD and ISD can help you to be ready for the future.

More information?

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