Software Updates: Examples from Practice

A major release brings forth new functions that can be valuable in the corresponding industry. Through the inspirations of long-term customers and our own in-house development, existing functions are thus improved in a practice-oriented manner and new functions are developed.

Time saving through automatisms

Create CAD data for stairs or railings in just a few minutes? Configurators help you to create a basic design in no time, which you can use to design much more complex projects in a minimum of time:


Every project is individual? Do you need to manage your data in a project-oriented manner? Have you ever thought about integrating PDM into your CAD software?


Long loading times for large projects? Save time by viewing your complex projects in a simplified view:


These sample functions have all been created by past updates specifically for various industries. On our website you will find even more useful functions, also for your industry. And you can still expect further innovations in 2021 through the major release 2022.