Major Release HELiOS 2024

Major Release HELiOS 2024

New features for a seamless workflow! With HELiOS 2024, the latest programme version of our PDM software is now available. We have made every effort to optimise many functions for easier and faster use. We have briefly summarised the highlights of the version for you here.

  • Updating of multi-CAD integrations
  • Optimised configuration of tabs and result lists
  • New search options in the HELiOS options
  • Improvements for exporting and sending documents by post
  • Configuration of the HIS user interface
  • Use of project, folder and class explorer in HIS

    For more information and an overview of all innovations, check out our online help.

Surface configuration
This video covers the extensive individual interface configuration capabilities of HELiOS. It also shows how project and folder substructure search and item and document classification options can be limited.

Enhancements to the HELiOS Internet Server (HIS)
This video shows several enhancements to the HIS. These include the new design, new explorers for folders/projects and classes, interface configuration options, improved login with automatic forwarding, preview options for images and videos, and new options for accessing the HIS with specific URLs.

Exporting documents
This video deals with the expanded options for exporting documents from HELiOS. It shows how attribute assignments can be defined to generate file names, which can then be used for exporting, emailing, printing, drag-and-drop, downloading into HIS or also via the API. In addition, the possibility of exporting ZIP archives and the new feature for exporting entire project structures, including their documents, are presented.