HiCAD 2021

HiCAD 2021 is the latest version of our CAD product range - with many new functions and tools as well as numerous enhancements.

One highlight is the new Renderer, which significantly speeds up the graphics output, which is reflected in a higher frame rate (frames/second). Viewing functions such as zooming, rotating or moving are thus faster and appear even more fluid. Also worth mentioning are the new possibility to define scale lists in the Configuration Editor, the numerous extensions for views and the extensive standard divider extensions.

In addition, HiCAD 2021 again offers countless industry-specific new features and functional enhancements. Examples are the convenient derivation of sheets from 3-D surfaces with bend zones or milling edge zones, the design variant for sheet metal clamps in Metal Engineering, guidelines based on sketches in Plant Engineering, inclined ALUCOBOND panels etc.


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