HiCAD 2022

HiCAD 2022 is the latest version of our CAD software for all-rounders and experts.

One developmental focus was the improvement of user-friendliness for Parametrics. This includes, for example, the HCM integration in further Sketch dialogues and the standardisation of the Feature and HCM displays in the ICN. For sketches, an easy assignment of HCM constraints is thus available, with which fully parameterised sketches can be created without further manual assignment of constraints and used as a basis for numerous other functions. The operation of the Feature log has also been simplified and made more user-friendly. Further development focused on the annotating of views. For example, views can now be provided with individually configurable annotations and captions. View annotations with the arrow method is also supported, including the annotations that are used in the building industry.

In addition, numerous functions have been extended. Examples are the redesign of the Chamfer function, variable Fillets for sections of an edge, or the Divide functions with sketch / along direction. And of course, industry-specific enhancements have again been incorporated into the version, such as the clamping plates in Steel Engineering, the new functionality for Part insertion in Plant Engineering, the merging of flanges and bend zones in Sheet Metal, the modified handling of Point clouds when using clipping boxes and much more. In addition, new ISD templates for thread-cutting screws are available, which you can use as a basis for your own screw/bolt tables of this type.


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