HiCAD 2022 Service Pack 2

Out now: HiCAD 2022 Service Pack 2. With SP2 we have further advanced the goal of modernising, standardising and making the dialogs more user-friendly. For example, when drawing tangents or transitions of circular arcs with the sketching technique, the result is more predictable and can be achieved with fewer mouse clicks thanks to the dynamic preview.

The Hatch section + cut-out function has been completely revised and is now much more user-friendly - with automatic preview and differentiation between "normal" hatching and insulation hatching. The dividing of surfaces has also been further expanded. Free-form curves can now be used for division, as well as several lines that converge at one point.

There have also been some changes in the industry functions: Among other things, the function Attach flanges along sketch, to surface has been newly developed, so that you can now attach several flanges around a surface in one work step, define the parameters of the flanges individually if required and select the corner processing of adjacent flanges. In addition, the function also supports the milling edge technique. In Steel Engineering, tension rod systems by DETAN and Pfeifer are now also available for cross-bracings and stabilizing pipe connections. And in Plant Engineering, the flow direction can be automatically corrected during automatic part insertion, if necessary. Last but not least, as of SP2, the Variant Editor offers the option of searching several variants for an attribute in one step and replacing the current value with another (Search&Replace).

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