Joop van Zanten automates production process with CAD software from ISD Group

Proud! We are proud to show how we have been part of optimising and automating the production (engineering) process at Joop van Zanten.

Joop van Zanten has invested heavily in optimising and improving their production process. How? By expanding and modernizing their production processes and techniques, but also by switching to a fully automated CAD/CAM controlled process.

Bart Kroesbergen; "We at Joop van Zanten aim for long-term cooperation with our customers. In this, reliability, flexibility and innovation play a leading role.
Customers have more and more technological questions and expect a good service. In order to continue to meet these demands, we must continue to innovate. By investing in the knowledge of our employees, new and automated production processes and knowledge of CAD/CAM engineering; we try to improve our production processes and ensure a constant quality.

Our aim is to fully automate our entire process; linking our customers' engineering, an automated production process and fully automated orders. HiCAD is the conductor of our CAD/CAM process from start to finish. The biggest gain we have made? Acceleration of our internal work process, more consistent quality and, above all, a reduction in lead times. Watch the video below.