Staircase and balustrade configurator
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Staircase and balustrade configurator | HiCAD

Do you want to configure your exclusive staircase or banister quickly and precisely and are looking for a time-saving solution to make your daily work easier?
4 tips voor procesoptimalisatie in de metaalbewerking
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4 tips for process optimisation in the metal engineering

The right bending, avoiding waste. These are both examples of aspects that can often be improved in metal engineering. Unlike other industries, metalworkers often do not have the option of outsourcing. So what you get must be good. These are 4 tips for process optimisation in the metal engineering..
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Steel plate processor makes digital turnaround

For decades, Joop van Zanten Staalservice has been a total supplier in the processing and treatment of steel sheets. The company from Veenendaal is in the process of a digital revolution and is investing heavily in the digitisation and automation of (business) processes. HiCAD from ISD Group is an..
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High time pressure in metalworking: work more efficiently with these CAD software features

Time pressure is very clearly a thing of the present day. Also - or perhaps especially - in the construction industry. With all the government's construction plans, the pressure of time will not diminish. CAD software can help with stress management. What are the main causes of time pressure and..
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Fit for the future with HiCAD: Trainees learn designing in 3D

» Early practice is the key to becoming a master «, says Wilhelm Tell in Schiller‘s drama of the same name. “They should learn everything. Whoever wants to do well in life must be equipped for protection and defence.” This refers to the young sons of the Swiss national hero, who play with a small..
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Joop van Zanten automates production process with CAD software from ISD Group

Proud! We are proud to show how we have been part of optimising and automating the production (engineering) process at Joop van Zanten.
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The 5 great advantages of HiCAD for metalworking

Do you still work with several drawing programmes to be able to load the right files into the software of your machining centres? HiCAD includes relevant functionalities for metalworkers, which save you the trouble of constantly switching between programs. Both 2D and 3D models are easily generated..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Metalworking

How ISD Group ensures a smooth transition to a new technical drawing programme

Switching to a new technical drawing programme is a serious matter: it is important that you get to know all the ins and outs of the software and configure the programme to your needs. Fortunately, we have been advising and training customers who have switched to HiCAD for years. For you, too,..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Metalworking

The benefits of smart CAD software for metalworking: 3 case studies

Customers are often impatiently waiting for their sheet metal work to be finished so that they can get on with their own order. If you then have to manually convert the customer’s files to a different file type and, as a result, errors creep in that you only notice in production, it is not..
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