Perfect harmony: HiCAD and Logikal in facade planning

Perfect harmony: HiCAD and LogiKal in facade planning

Digitisation in construction continues unstoppably, providing innovative tools and software solutions that make our work more efficient and accurate. An excellent example of this is the combination of HiCAD and Logikal.

Modelling sheet steel cladding on a glass facade
In the video, we model an individual sheet steel cladding for a glass facade, putting into practice the power of both HiCAD and Logikal. By accurately modelling each sheet metal piece and seamlessly integrating it into the design, we show how these systems work together to achieve a perfect end result. The interplay between the precision of HiCAD and the efficiency of Logikal ensures a flawless workflow and a high-quality, professional product.


HiCAD offers the ability to model building elements with precision and detail, which is essential for creating complex and unique designs. Thanks to the advanced sheet metal editing functions, the most complicated geometries can be realised effortlessly. This enables the user to work efficiently and accurately, resulting in high-quality and professional end products.

Logikal's integration into the digitisation process of the construction industry ensures a flawless workflow and optimal efficiency. The seamless connection with HiCAD allows all building elements to merge effortlessly into a perfect whole. This not only facilitates data exchange, but also optimises the production and installation of windows, doors and facades. This synergy between HiCAD and Logikal ensures that all relevant information is brought together in a structured and clear manner, resulting in a flawless and professional end product. 

The result is an exact model of the cladding that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets the technical requirements. This means that not only are the visual aspects of the cladding correct, but also that the model perfectly matches the specifications and requirements for the glass façade. This creates not only a beautiful design, but also a functional and durable end product that meets all norms and standards. This highlights the power of combining HiCAD and Logikal in the digital construction process, where both aesthetics and functionality come together seamlessly for a perfect result.