4 veel gemaakte fouten bij procesoptimalisatie met CAD-software
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4 common mistakes in process optimisation with CAD software

Speed up, simplify and do it without making mistakes. That is what process optimisation should look like. The daily practice of many companies is more difficult. We have found 4 common mistakes in process optimisation with CAD software and put a positive spin on them. Here's how to make a success..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Blog

4 trends in process optimisation with CAD software

Continuous improvement is important for a company, regardless of the sector in which it operates. Process optimisation with CAD software is an obvious choice. At a minimum, it can reduce the number of manual operations. But more is possible. These are the 4 major trends in process optimisation with..
Blog, Steel engineering

5 tips for process optimisation in steel engineering

If you work in steel engineering, there are plenty of opportunities to optimise business processes. The sector is ideal for working just that little bit smarter with the help of digitalisation. If you choose to automate actions, for example with CAD software, you will have more time left over to..
6 tips voor procesoptimalisatie in de gevelbouw
Blog, Facade engineering

6 tips for process optimisation in facade engineering

In facade construction, the devil is in the detail: small mistakes can have (very) big consequences. In addition, there are quite a few process optimisation steps to take in facade construction. We have listed 6 tips for process optimisation in facade construction that will make your work just a..
4 tips voor procesoptimalisatie in de metaalbewerking
Blog, Metalworking

4 tips for process optimisation in the metal engineering

The right bending, avoiding waste. These are both examples of aspects that can often be improved in metal engineering. Unlike other industries, metalworkers often do not have the option of outsourcing. So what you get must be good. These are 4 tips for process optimisation in the metal engineering..
Zo zorgt CAD-software HiCAD voor een optimaal bedrijfsproces
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This is how HiCAD CAD software optimises business processes

Taking full advantage of a smoothly running business process is a wonderful feeling. Software plays an increasingly important role in this, such as the HiCAD 3D CAD application. A business assessment is one of the ways in which you as a "user" can get the most out of the software's capabilities...
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Customer story: 'HiCAD lets you work faster and reduces the risk of errors thanks to automated functions'.

Somewhat by accident, Manders-Dortmans Lasbedrijf B.V. (MDL), a welding company from the Netherlands, came across HiCAD drawing software. Within a few months, that single moment led to the choice and later the implementation of the same software at the company. Bas van Weert, co-owner and..
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How to shorten project lead times with good CAD software

Time is money. As an entrepreneur, it is worth a lot if you manage to shorten the lead time of a project. As a company, you are constantly under pressure to deliver faster and better. That pressure is of all times, although it is now very high. So if you see an opportunity to shorten lead times..
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Switching to new CAD software: the do's and don'ts

It takes draughtsmen quite some time to process projects and errors regularly appear during production. This costs money and results in dissatisfied customers, as they have to wait longer for their product. In short, you are running up against the limitations of your current CAD solution and you..
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