Profile processor achieves huge efficiency gains with ‘dedicated’ software

Profile processor achieves huge efficiency gains with ‘dedicated’ software

For many years, in the Netherlands-based Wijmoco has been designing facades in 3D. Yet in 2021, it switched to another software package: HiCAD from ISD Group. A conscious choice, according to head of operations Igor Keijzers. Since then, the production equipment can be controlled directly from engineering.

Our previous software package did not have a nice link with production and work preparation, says Igor. “As a result, we had to manually convert our 3D drawings into usable files for controlling production. A waste of time and also error-prone. At the time, however, we didn’t know any better. Until we came across HiCAD via a competitor company in 2019. In their search for suitable 3D software at the time, they also took a look in our ‘kitchen’. They then drew our attention to HiCAD’s capabilities. Together, we came to the 
conclusion that HiCAD fits our processes much better.”


Efficiency gains 

At the end of 2019, Wijmoco decided to partner with ISD Group. “After that, it does take some time before you can actually start working with the software,” Igor acknowledges. “We spent the year 2020 mainly attending training and education courses. We only really started using HiCAD for engineering projects at the beginning of 2021.” Experiences with the software have been extremely positive. “We are now working out all major projects 3D in HiCAD. That goes quite smoothly and quickly. It is a pleasant programme to work with. The great thing is that you can drag an element directly from Logikal into HiCAD and vice versa. Everything you modify in the drawing package is immediately modified in Logikal. That bi-directional link saves us a lot of time and errors due to manual ‘retyping’ are a thing of the past.”

Igor also praises the cooperation with ISD Group. “We have a permanent point of contact in Willem van Kreij from ISD Benelux. If there is something, we only have to ring the bell and he will speak to us or even get in the car to clarify things face to face. But also at the support department we always get excellent help. Our engineers find that very positive.

All production was generated directly from the HiCAD models. A breath of fresh air compared to our previous 3D software package."

'Groot Hartje'

Wijmoco mainly processes profiles from Reynaers Aluminium, Hydro Building Systems (Wicona and Sapa) and Aluprof. “Although nowadays everything has to be faster and faster and a lot has changed, a few things have always remained the same for us: honest advice and quality. It is therefore also our mission to provide tailor-made solutions in all markets for both the industrial project market and private residential construction.” The most recent projects developed by Wijmoco in HiCAD are at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. “Here we have drawn out several towers in 3D, including the Groot Hartje apartment complex that is currently under construction. Apart from the aluminium window frames in various types and sizes, we also worked out the corresponding typesetting in HiCAD. All production was generated directly from the HiCAD models. A breath of fresh air compared to our previous 3D software package.”