FAQ – Software Updates

Many software developers offer updates on a regular basis. The ISD Group also provides developments and improvements of the CAD software HiCAD and the PDM system HELiOS. An update brings many advantages. But you have to know in advance which new features are available, whether costs will be incurred and which options are offered for an update. This blog text should critically question whether an update really makes sense for you.

What is a software update?

Updates are provided by the software developer to offer users new and relevant functions and optimized performance. With these updates you ensure that a smooth communication with all license users can take place and that all important interfaces (such as IFC) work without restrictions.

How many updates are there per year?

The ISD Group offers three updates per year. The in-house development works on these optimizations throughout the whole year. The major release is the main version and the first delivery of a new product cycle at the end of the year. In the course of the new year, the two service packs are released, which serve to further develop the current product cycle. In between, minor corrections are implemented.

Are software updates free of charge?

With the software maintenance contract, you get the updates from the software developer for free. With this contract you stay up to date with the latest technology and get telephone support in case of any questions. An alternative would be to buy an update. If you buy the major release, you also get the two service packs for free. This means that you get all the new features and optimizations of a year.

Who decides what goes into an update?

A software manufacturer with its own development department can implement planned further developments and market-relevant customer requests. The implementation plan therefore consists of new technical possibilities, requests directly from the industry, performance optimizations and new functions. The order is determined on the basis of urgency.

Should I always do a software update?

Basically, updates are a good thing. With larger updates you should pay attention before the installation, which changes you install with it. If the updates interfere with familiar processes, then this should not be done directly in a critical project phase or only with expert support. Updates bring the software up to date and close any security gaps.

How do I update my software?

The ISD Group will inform you about an upcoming software update. From the end of 2021, these will be offered in the previously described rhythm. If you decide for an update, they will gladly support you during the installation. ISD Group offers comprehensive support, such as various training courses, to enable you to make the best possible use of the new functions and the software.

Guideline: For optimal use of the software, do not skip more than 3 versions!

There is no obligation to perform an update. But it is recommended that you do not skip especially major releases too often, as significant changes are made there. This way you keep your software up to date, you prevent security risks and you do not lag behind your competitors. So think about the benefits and your individual needs!

Read more about the effort and benefits of an update in the next text: "Software Updates: Effort-Benefit Analysis".

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