Switching to new CAD software: the do's and don'ts

It takes draughtsmen quite some time to process projects and errors regularly appear during production. This costs money and results in dissatisfied customers, as they have to wait longer for their product. In short, you are running up against the limitations of your current CAD solution and you want to look for a package that does meet your wishes and requirements. But what do you need to consider when making the switch to new CAD software?

The do's when switching to new CAD software

  • Research what exactly you need.What are your draughtsmen currently up against, what needs to be done differently than is currently the case and where do we want to go as a company? A long-term vision helps to determine which functionalities are needed in the new CAD software. Do you only want to draw in 2D or also in 3D, and do you need industry-specific options? By clarifying wishes and requirements and looking at trends and developments, you are able to make a good technical choice for a CAD solution that will enable you to move forward.

  • Comprehensive comparison of available CAD solutions. Before making a choice, you should of course do extensive market research into which suppliers there are and their CAD solutions. Make sure you compare apples to apples when it comes to price and functionality. CAD software often has a modular structure, which can result in price differences.

  • Invite the parties on your shortlist for an interview. Your market research often reveals a handful of suppliers who are best suited to your company and whose functionalities are best suited to your sector, wishes and requirements. Invite them to a good discussion and a demo and ask them everything you want to know. Find out the limits of CAD software: what can and cannot be done?

The dont's when switching to new CAD software

  • Accept the supplier's story. It is always good to hear the experiences of their customers: are they satisfied with the CAD software? What are the pros and cons? Try to talk to referees who work in the same industry as you to get a good comparison and a complete picture of a CAD solution in practice.

  • Not looking beyond the here and now. The world around us does not stand still, so it is important that you as a company, including your systems, are agile to respond to trends and developments. So don't forget to investigate to what extent the CAD software is being further developed, how innovative a supplier is and whether you, as a customer, have any influence on the development.

  • Just looking at the price. One package may be more expensive than another. That is why it is important to research the supplier and the (sector-specific) functionalities and to compare the results with your list of requirements. This will ensure that you do not end up with a CAD solution that does not quite work as you would like it to.

Switching to a new CAD solution

When you are looking for new CAD software, you want to be able to use it for a while. Therefore, it is important to gather all internal requirements and to do extensive research into the various solutions, suppliers and functionalities. Then, in the future, you will definitely recoup the investment you are making now. Complete our ROI calculation without obligation and receive a customised calculation for your Return on Investment when purchasing CAD software.

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