The importance of 3D BIM for steel engineering

In the year 2021, BIM will play an important role in the construction industry. The expectation is that the importance of BIM will only increase in the coming years. Curious about why BIM is so important and which advantages it offers for your steel engineering company?

What is BIM?

The term BIM is not new to most steel constructors. BIM or Building Information Modelling is a method in which different parties in the construction industry have access to a single 3D BIM model and work together throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, from drawing the initial design to its construction and eventually the possible demolition.

More than a 3D model

However, BIM is more than a 3D Model. A BIM model can be used as a shared database in which, in addition to the 3D model, other information is also shared. Examples include product types, the type of finishing on the product and the weight of the materials used. Because all parties involved have the same information, processes can be accelerated and errors can be avoided.

The advantages of BIM for the steel construction industry

Working with 3D BIM has various advantages. BIM can also make a big difference for the steel engineering industry. The most important benefit: BIM ensures better communication between contractors, subcontractors and other parties involved, which can save a lot of time and money for the entire chain.

More advantages of BIM

• Working with BIM is compulsory in an increasing number of public tenders;
• Errors can be detected as early as the design phase with the aid of 3D BIM;
• BIM ensures fewer surprises at the building site. It prevents additional work;
• The use of BIM leads to greater satisfaction among the involved parties;
• BIM enables a faster transition from drawing to production.

Why BIM is not (yet) always used properly

Despite all the advantages of BIM, it is by no means always applied correctly. Many projects only work with BIM in the design phase, therefor insufficient benefit is derived from working with the BIM method. In addition, not all information is usually shared or shared in the correct way. Companies in the construction industry must get used to sharing information with each other, while not all projects work with the BSI standard or the agreements made are not always properly committed to.

The future is BIM

More and more public tenders are making working with BIM mandatory. BIM has also become the standard in the steel engineering industry. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of BIM and be ready for the future, it is important to store and share product information in the right way. Using the right software for 3D modelling and Product Data Management can assist you with this.

Save with BIM

Would you also like to save with BIM? Working with BIM is one way to increase the profitability of your steel engineering company. Curious what other tips we have? Download our whitepaper now with '7 golden tips for a profitable steel engineering company’.

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