This is how HiCAD CAD software optimises business processes

Zo zorgt CAD-software HiCAD voor een optimaal bedrijfsproces

Taking full advantage of a smoothly running business process is a wonderful feeling. Software plays an increasingly important role in this, such as the HiCAD 3D CAD application. A business assessment is one of the ways in which you as a "user" can get the most out of the software's capabilities. HiCAD CAD software ensures an optimal business process, all the way with the expertise of ISD Group.

Process optimisation with 3D CAD

Choosing modern and comprehensive CAD software is an important step for any company, regardless of its sector. 3D CAD software supports process optimisation of tasks in all supported industries. If you are a user with extensive CAD knowledge and experience, you can choose to dive into the system after implementation. Yet we at ISD notice that the need for external support is increasing. Customers want to get the most out of the product, but still lack product knowledge or see colleague companies optimise business processes and want the same. 

Do you want to get to know our smart CAD software? In a handy video we show how HiCAD can optimise your business process.

Get more out of CAD software with a business assessment

A business assessment is the key to optimising business processes. The business assessment is of added value especially when you are familiar with our software and already find your way in it. You can see it as an in-depth assessment. This implies a few things. After the purchase of a licence, ISD also guides the entire implementation process and the trajectory in which employees learn to work with the CAD software. In addition, brown paper sessions form an important part of the business assessments. In practice, this means that ISD sends out two experts who sit down with at least one key person from each department of your company. Together, all those present will map out the business process. The key persons then take care of the awareness of these processes and the role of the software within the various departments. Mapping the current situation and consulting with the departments takes place in 1 or 2 sessions. In the session that follows, we put the desired situation on paper. Together, we look at where there are bottlenecks and where people might be facing challenges. We then make the transition from the current to the desired situation. We also identify the potential for improvement, in which the 3D CAD software obviously plays an important role.

Any questions? Contact the helpdesk

What applies to every CAD draftsman is that they can use the helpdesk. If you have forgotten which function is under which button, call the help desk. Our employees will then give you a push in the right direction so that you can optimise your business process. 

Choosing ISD is a choice for smarter working thanks to customised process automation

CAD software, certainly the 3D variant, offers many opportunities for process automation, but is no guarantee for an optimal business process. If you opt for a business assessment, the chance that you will miss out on unused potential is a lot smaller. In this way, ISD has put its own sauce on the aspect of optimising business processes. As a customer, you have the feeling that you are being heard and that your wish for adjustment will also be reflected in the software more quickly. If you choose HiCAD from ISD, you can be sure that in the design of the 3D CAD software a great deal of attention is paid to the added value for you as an entrepreneur.

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