How ISD Group ensures a smooth transition to a new technical drawing programme

Switching to a new technical drawing programme is a serious matter: it is important that you get to know all the ins and outs of the software and configure the programme to your needs. Fortunately, we have been advising and training customers who have switched to HiCAD for years. For you, too, there are enough preparatory steps so that you can get started with HiCAD without any worries.

Free trial and demo

An easy way to get to know HiCAD is by requesting a free 30-day trial account. This way you can click through HiCAD to get a feel for the drawing program. It is a test version, you cannot produce drawings with it, but you can discover the software.

Another way to find out if HiCAD suits you is by requesting a demo. In the demo we try to answer your questions as much as possible. Furthermore, we show you live how e.g. file formats are converted into a HiCAD format, how the drawing software looks like in production and, of course, how the specific sheet metal functionalities work. The demo is not pre-programmed, but completely customised for you.

Extensive advice on the CAD software

We then discuss your current working method, where you would like to go, what you would like to improve and how quickly. Then together we will look at the functionalities of HiCAD, how you can implement these improvements and we will give you insights how to work more efficiently with our drawing programme. Do you have a department with several draftsmen? Then it is useful to assign one or two key users. They are trained by us and together we roll out HiCAD internally.

We often advise to switch to a new CAD software in two phases. One group continues to produce with the old software and the other group is trained in HiCAD and starts working with it. Afterwards, the next group can be trained as well. In this way, the entire drawing department switches smoothly and gradually to the new CAD software, minimising time losses in production.

Implementation and practical training to get to know HiCAD

First we implement HiCAD before the training, so that you can practice on your own HiCAD system later. This takes usually one day. We set up drawing frames and parts lists for you, as well as other functionalities you would like to use, so that a seamless process is created. What makes us unique is our offer of a Proof of Concept. If you are not completely convinced after the trial and demo, you can try our CAD software free of charge for three months. If you decide that you do not want to continue with HiCAD, you only pay the installation and training and we take the software back free of charge.

Everyone who starts drawing with HiCAD will receive training from us. It would be a pity not to use all possibilities of the drawing programme, because you do not know that they are there. Our training courses are always oriented to your sector. For metalworkers, you will therefore receive additional training for sheet metal and possibly profile construction.

Our follow-up days

A few weeks after the training, we come and visit you. You have already experienced HiCAD for some time and maybe you have questions or want to set up further functionalities, e.g. automatic generation of production drawings. We will do this together with you so that the basis is in place. Moreover, we will teach you how to do it, so that you are able to use all functionalities yourself. Ultimately, we only let go of our customers when they feel ready and when we see that they are ready.

Request a demo without any obligations

Convinced about the advantages of HiCAD for your metal business, but also curious about the details of the program? We would like to show you more in an informative 10-minute video. Go to the video and discover how HiCAD can help your business grow. 

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