This is how to get more out of your CAD software as a facade builder

This is how to get more out of your CAD software as a facade builder

Is CAD software a cost for facade builders? Some facade builder companies believe so. Although software costs money, the application quickly transforms into a money-saving value-added tool. Okay, software may be less concrete as an investment than a machine. But, with that machine, often more expensive than CAD software, beautiful products can be made. With modern CAD software, that machine can be controlled and its margins increased.

Machine, CAD software or both?

Investing in CAD software is above all a choice. It is a decision you make as a facade builder if you dare to set a horizon. It is not easy to work out what the weekly or monthly savings or extra income of CAD software are. In any case, more difficult than that of a machine. Yet both investments, in software and machine, are necessary.

Example: Prevent mistakes (that you didn't see before) with smart CAD software

Arguments to invest in CAD software are best shown in the form of an example. For example of the facade builder who chose 3D CAD software and used it to create a fantastically beautiful 3D model for a customer. At the same time, this facade builder got an early hint of future clashes in the design. In this case, it was a BIM-related project, but it could also have been a not up-to-date drawing for timber frame construction. With a high degree of automation, one of the 4 essential CAD software functions, he managed to save a lot of unnecessary future costs in the chain.

From cost to quick payback

Many facade builders see CAD software as a cost because the amount of the investment depends on a number of variables. Such as, for example, the number of workstations or users of the application. The payback period of CAD software, especially when it comes to 3D, is sometimes extremely short. Especially if you can avoid big expensive mistakes with the new investment. Suppose you are designing for a project of several tons. You work out a 2D project and everything seems fine, but when you convert it to 3D, a huge mismatch comes to light? That could just result in a big, expensive mistake. Not every mistake is extremely big, but the investment in CAD software always pays off, after one project or after a few years.

Facade builder moves (with guidance) to CAD software

The fact that the barrier to investment is sometimes high is also because you can perfectly well keep the same working methods. Investing in 3D design software is a step and means adapting some processes. Fortunately, in practice, the switch is less exciting than many facade builders expect. If only because choosing HiCAD from ISD also means that guidance is available for as long as needed. Moreover, the helpdesk is always available.

CAD-software as moneymaker

You get the most out of your investment by letting engineers pioneer and automate more and more operations. This will win you contracts and save you time. If you are a facade builder, you will use 3D CAD software to create better designs and increase the quality of your products. Do you also want to take that step forward? We would like to show you how investing in CAD is not an expense but a money-maker for you. In this handy 10-minute demo video, we show you how HiCAD also helps your business grow.

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