Why HiCAD is the best choice

Are you looking for CAD software for steel engineering? HiCAD from ISD helps your company to be ready for the future with 2D and 3D CAD in one interface, extensive automation possibilities and more.

2D and 3D CAD in one system

One of the main advantages of HiCAD over other types of CAD software is the flexible transition between 2D and 3D CAD. With HiCAD, it is easy to design complex layouts in 3D and switch to 2D to edit views, sections and connections. Changes made in a 2D section are immediately visible in the 3D model. This is what makes HiCAD unique in the market.

Industry-specific software

HiCAD always provides the features and functions that your steel company needs. The modular structure of HiCAD ensures that the software always fits into the existing software environment and the specific requirements of your company. HiCAD offers everything you need as a steel constructor in one system.

Updates, training and support

ISD is a software developer and supplier in one. This enables us to provide our clients with the best possible support in the field of training and support. In addition, HiCAD is continuously developed in order to fulfill the requirements of customers.

High degree of automation

HiCAD is the CAD software with the highest level of automation, which helps to shorten the time between engineering and production, to automate processes and to reduce the number of errors. In this way, HiCAD can bring considerable cost savings to your steel company.

5 times automation with HiCAD

From automatic workplace drawings to the controlling of the drilling line. These are the 5 most important automation possibilities with HiCAD:

  • Design from 3D point cloud: upload your 3D point cloud into HiCAD and generate the most efficient model automatically.
  • Dynamic modifications: never again measuring, modelling and modifying individual parts thanks to HiCAD's equal parts recognition.
  • Automatic connections: click on the beams and/or plates you want to connect and HiCAD does the rest.
  • Automatic workshop drawings: automatically create workshop drawings including length, model and type.
  • Produce at the push of a button: automatically generate saw lists and prepare welding assemblies.

How HiCAD can help your company?

Are you curious about the automation possibilities of HiCAD and do you want to know how ISD can also help your company? Then watch our short video about all the features HiCAD can offer you company.

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