5 advantages of automation for the steel engineering industry

Profit margins in the steel industry are under pressure. Stricter environmental requirements and COVID-19 are creating uncertain times. Although most steel building and construction companies are still able to get ahead, it is important to invest in the future of your company in time. Automation helps to save costs and to keep growing. Do you want to know how automation can help your business too?


5 advantages of automation

Automation has a negative meaning for many companies, yet it has several advantages for steel engineering companies. Did you know, for example, that automation can lead to less work pressure and more job satisfaction? And that is certainly not the only advantage.

  1. Speed and efficiency

Your company can reduce the most costs by working more efficiently and therefore faster. Automation helps you as a steel engineering company to do more with the same number of people and time, and more accurately as well.

  1. Less mistakes

Where people work, mistakes are made. By using smart automation, errors in the process can be reduced. Fewer errors means higher quality and fewer costs for control and repair.

  1. More job satisfaction

Depending on the uniqueness of a project, many processes in steel engineering sector can be automated. Consider for example the retyping of a parts lists and adding dimensioning manually to workshop drawings. Automating such repetitive tasks leads to less workload and more job satisfaction for the staff.

  1. Better communication

The result of Automation is better internal communication between the engineering department, production and assembly. Because all departments have the correct information at their disposal at all times, the time to market can be considerably shortened and costs will be reduced.

  1. Waste reduction

What does your company do with incorrectly produced products? Chances are that they end up in scrap. Automation helps to prevent errors and reduce waste. Waste reduction results in lower costs and higher margins.

To automate or not to automate?

Automation helps your steel engineering company to remain profitable. The difference between automating or not automating can make the difference between survival and collapsing. Start automating? Download our guide with 7 golden tips for a profitable steel engineering company and make sure your steel engineering company keeps growing. Even in uncertain times. 

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