7 questions to ask when choosing the right CAD software partner

Are you looking for CAD software that perfectly matches your business processes? Then don't forget to ask the following questions before you start working with a supplier.

1. What functionalities do I need?

What do your draftsmen need to run projects efficiently with the smallest possible margin of error? Make an inventory of the wishes and requirements from your organisation: what are the must haves and what are the nice-to-haves? Discover what a CAD solution can do and whether the functionalities fit in with your work processes.

2. Does a CAD supplier fit in with our company?

Your market research will probably leave you with a few suitable suppliers. Of course, you want to get to know them better before you start working with them. What knowledge and experience does a supplier have? And is he familiar with your sector? And does their vision, culture, approach and method of working suit your company? Just a few questions to help you select the right CAD software partner.

3. What references are available?

It is nice that the functionalities of the CAD software correspond to your wishes, but it is also good to investigate how the solution works in practice. And who better to tell you this than the customers who are currently working with it? You have probably already had a demo from the supplier, in which you went through the drawing process. Ask a reference how they do it. That will give you a more complete picture of the CAD solution.

4. What does the implementation process of the CAD software look like?

Before you can start using the new solution, it must be installed. It is good to know in advance how your supplier handles this. How long will the installation take, will the draftsmen be trained in the use of the CAD software, and will this be done in their own programme or in a test environment? A good implementation plan will enable you to start using the new CAD solution as soon as possible.

5. What services does the supplier offer?

Will you say your goodbyes after the implementation of the CAD software, or will users still be trained and have an after-care plan? Know what you can expect from your supplier and from the helpdesk support. Because if your draftsmen can't continue because there are problems, projects will be delayed and you won't be able to deliver on time. A good supplier will not let go of its customer until the software runs smoothly and all users have mastered drawing with the new CAD solution.

6. Is the CAD software being further developed?

Perhaps a CAD solution meets your requirements now, but the world does not stand still. In order to be able to respond flexibly to new trends, developments and customer requirements, it is important for CAD software to continue to be developed. As a customer, you may also have some influence on the development of the CAD solution.

7. What are the costs of the CAD solution?

The cost of new CAD software is not the most important thing, but you do want to know what investment you have to make. Make sure you make a fair comparison between solutions, because CAD software is often modular, which can give a distorted picture of the costs. In the end, with the right software, you want to run your projects faster and reduce errors, so that the CAD solution will pay for itself in the future.

Making the best choice

The seven questions above will help you choose the right CAD software partner. By investigating which functionalities you need, whether the supplier suits you, what the implementation process looks like, what the costs are and what services a supplier offers, you can form a complete picture. This will ultimately enable you to make a well-considered choice.

What does smart CAD software bring to your business?

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