This is how you save costs in metal engineering with CAD-software

This is how you save costs in metal engineering

Companies in the metal engineering have become more interested in applying smart CAD-software, as it helps to save costs. But do these companies still think 3D CAD-software is expensive? Much less so, since the investment pays out in different ways.

Metal engineers experienced an increase in steel prices

Saving costs is always interesting, but during a time when costs increase rapidly it has definitely become more important. Between the end of 2019 and 2022 this was certainly the case for the metal engineering industry. The rising steel prices forced metal engineers to be creative and search for different ways to save costs. Luckily, most entrepreneurs succeeded in passing on the increased steel prices themselves. However, that did not take away the fact that there was an increase in costs such as salaries and energy prices across the board.

Process optimisation with 3D CAD-software

What 3D CAD-software needs to do – and this applies to all types of software – is to take work off the hands of metalworkers. In addition, the software needs to provide more insight by automating processes that normally need to be done by hand. This way, you decrease the risk of making mistakes. By taking work off your hands, you can do more or the same amount of work with the same or even a smaller amount of people. This is a perfect example of process optimisation and is worth a lot in times of labour shortage. With the help of some tips it becomes clear how your company can profit from smart software like HiCAD. 

This is how 3D CAD-software helps save costs:

  • The partially automatic generation of semi-finished products or end products.
  • Adjust processes to one another and share data between production planning and ERP.
  • Operate machinery based on drawings that contain the right curves and bends.
  • Provide drawings with accurate connections. 

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Modern software to operate new machinery

Companies in the metal engineering industry see the added value of using 3D CAD-software, but you do not just use it to save costs. Smart tools help companies take up more advanced assignments. An old machine requires more actions to make the same product as a new machine, but a new machine requires a modern software and the right input to perform well. If everything is set up properly with the new machine, including the operation and 3D-drawing, then you will need less controls to keep it running. This opens up new opportunities and ultimately saves your company a lot of time and money. In conclusion, in order to obtain that advantage you require modern software.

Set the groundwork to economise

It is essential that your company makes itself capable of saving costs, and for that you need to possess the right tools in metal engineering. CAD-software, among which HiCAD 3D software, is one of those tools. Possessing over a collection of big, expensive machinery is a good first step. But if you want to use those machines optimally and efficiently, now and in the future, it helps to invest in smart 3D CAD-software. Would you like to know more golden tips to save costs in metal engineering? Download the whitepaper!

Golden tips to save costs in metal engineering