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Switching to new CAD software: the do's and don'ts

It takes draughtsmen quite some time to process projects and errors regularly appear during production. This costs money and results in dissatisfied customers, as they have to wait longer for their product. In short, you are running up against the limitations of your current CAD solution and you..
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Combining 2D and 3D CAD brings convenience and error reduction

In the final analysis, the choice for 3D and 2D CAD software in one system is mainly a financial consideration. The number of manual operations is reduced and there is a better overview for those who overlay both types of drawings. But at least as important is the fact that the chance of errors..
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The 4 most important trends in CAD software for 2022

CAD software develops at high speed. This is not unique, because everything and everyone is digitising and is now an IT company. Nevertheless, there are a few developments that deserve a little extra attention. These are 4 of the most important trends in CAD software for 2022.
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7 questions to ask when choosing the right CAD software partner

Are you looking for CAD software that perfectly matches your business processes? Then don't forget to ask the following questions before you start working with a supplier.
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Family company Van Oorschot Aluminium invests in 3D CAD software

For three generations, Van Oorschot Aluminium has been an established name in the world of aluminium constructions and focuses on the production and delivery of aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding doors and folding walls. To remain  relevant in the future, the company invested in CAD..
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Implementation of PDM system increases design speed

Martin Stolze is a technical production and installation company that specialises in the automation of internal transport within the horticultural sector and also supplies conveyor belts and packaging lines for the retail fruit and vegetable sector and distribution centres. The company’s..
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Staalservice Hardenberg realises complex steel projects quickly and error-free with HiCAD

AlFor more than 15 years, Staalservice (steelservice) Hardenberg, based in the Netherlands has been a specialist in manufacturing of customised steel products such as stairs, fences and balustrades. Due to the continuous changes in the market, the demand for more complex projects is growing. In..
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Joop van Zanten automates production process with CAD software from ISD Group

Proud! We are proud to show how we have been part of optimising and automating the production (engineering) process at Joop van Zanten.
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HELiOS 2022

HELiOS 2022, the latest version of our PDM software, is now available. One developmental focus was on the performance increase in various areas, from the combined search in the HELiOS Deskop and the object search in the HELiOS Internet Server to the workspace in the MultiCAD interfaces.
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