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Implementation of PDM system increases design speed

Martin Stolze is a technical production and installation company that specialises in the automation of internal transport within the horticultural sector and also supplies conveyor belts and packaging lines for the retail fruit and vegetable sector and distribution centres. The company’s..

HELiOS 2022

HELiOS 2022, the latest version of our PDM software, is now available. One developmental focus was on the performance increase in various areas, from the combined search in the HELiOS Deskop and the object search in the HELiOS Internet Server to the workspace in the MultiCAD interfaces.

Software Updates: Examples from Practice

A major release brings forth new functions that can be valuable in the corresponding industry. Through the inspirations of long-term customers and our own in-house development, existing functions are thus improved in a practice-oriented manner and new functions are developed.

Software Updates: Improving Performance

With software updates, everyone always first expects improved and new functions or also security updates. However, performance is also very important in everyday construction work. Due to the constantly growing demands on builders and the corresponding time pressure, all work steps and processes..

Software Updates: Effort-Benefit Analysis

Processes are firmly anchored in our everyday work. We know exactly what we have to do every day and how we have to carry it out. But how well could we handle something unfamiliar?

FAQ – Software Updates

Many software developers offer updates on a regular basis. The ISD Group also provides developments and improvements of the CAD software HiCAD and the PDM system HELiOS. An update brings many advantages. But you have to know in advance which new features are available, whether costs will be..

10 Workflow Improvements You Can Expect with Construction Management Software

  Starting a construction business from scratch is no easy feat. Construction projects are highly structured, requiring eagle-eye attention to detail and planning. There are many moving parts to consider, and you’ll need to coordinate people and time down to a tee. As you move through the various..

To the home office with HiCAD and HELiOS – without performance losses

Working in a virtualised environment and managing design cycles from anywhere and with high performance has not only been popular since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

HELiOS 2021 SP1

Service Pack 1 for HELiOS 2021 is now available. The focus of the development was on functional extensions of the Mask Editor, further adjustments and improvements of the multi-CAD interfaces - especially the SOLIDWORKS integration module.
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