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Belgian customer Meyland satisfied with HiCAD's total solution

The name Meyland comes from Antoine De Meyere and Richard Roeland. They set up a shed in 1968, in Adegem Belgium, to maintain and repair machinery, in the grain and animal feed industry. Whereas the family business started out modestly in 1968, it has seen uninterrupted growth ever since. In 1973,..
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5 tips for process optimisation in steel engineering

If you work in steel engineering, there are plenty of opportunities to optimise business processes. The sector is ideal for working just that little bit smarter with the help of digitalisation. If you choose to automate actions, for example with CAD software, you will have more time left over to..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Steel construction drawings are made faster with this important CAD software feature

For some engineers, drawing steel structures is mainly a repetitive exercise, especially when it comes to the connections between the profiles. It should be possible to do this quicker and easier, right? Certainly, but the CAD software is a decisive factor. Some software places connections..
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Fit for the future with HiCAD: Trainees learn designing in 3D

» Early practice is the key to becoming a master «, says Wilhelm Tell in Schiller‘s drama of the same name. “They should learn everything. Whoever wants to do well in life must be equipped for protection and defence.” This refers to the young sons of the Swiss national hero, who play with a small..
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'The Future is Curved'

If it were up to Kersten, the future would be curved. The specialist in bended steel and aluminium constructions is active on various continents and has an impressive portfolio that includes the Burj Khalifa and the Opus in Dubai, and closer to home, the facades of Naturalis in Leiden and those of..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Staalservice Hardenberg realises complex steel projects quickly and error-free with HiCAD

AlFor more than 15 years, Staalservice (steelservice) Hardenberg, based in the Netherlands has been a specialist in manufacturing of customised steel products such as stairs, fences and balustrades. Due to the continuous changes in the market, the demand for more complex projects is growing. In..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Why Draw2design chooses HiCAD

Draw2design is a technical drawing office from Nijverdal (Overijssel). The company of Raymond van Amersfoort and Bas ten Tusscher helps staircase suppliers and construction companies in the Netherlands and Belgium with the design of complex staircases and fences. Van Amersfoort: "HiCAD is the ideal..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

5 advantages of automation for the steel engineering industry

Profit margins in the steel industry are under pressure. Stricter environmental requirements and COVID-19 are creating uncertain times. Although most steel building and construction companies are still able to get ahead, it is important to invest in the future of your company in time. Automation..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Choosing CAD software for steel engineering in 5 steps

CAD software comes in different shapes and sizes. Therefore it can be difficult to make a good desicion. In 5 steps, we help your company choose CAD software for steel engineering.
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