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CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

5 advantages of automation for the steel engineering industry

Profit margins in the steel industry are under pressure. Stricter environmental requirements and COVID-19 are creating uncertain times. Although most steel building and construction companies are still able to get ahead, it is important to invest in the future of your company in time. Automation..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Choosing CAD software for steel engineering in 5 steps

CAD software comes in different shapes and sizes. Therefore it can be difficult to make a good desicion. In 5 steps, we help your company choose CAD software for steel engineering.
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

The importance of 3D BIM for steel engineering

In the year 2021, BIM will play an important role in the construction industry. The expectation is that the importance of BIM will only increase in the coming years. Curious about why BIM is so important and which advantages it offers for your steel engineering company?
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

How much does CAD software really cost?

How much does CAD software really cost? It is not easy to give a simple answer to this question. In order to decide which CAD software is most suitable for your company and to determine the costs, there are several aspects to take into account.
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Why HiCAD is the best choice

Are you looking for CAD software for steel engineering? HiCAD from ISD helps your company to be ready for the future with 2D and 3D CAD in one interface, extensive automation possibilities and more.
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

2D CAD vs. 3D CAD: why making a choice is not necessary

CAD software has revolutionised the construction world in the recent decades. Technical drawing with the help of a CAD program has helped building companies save a lot of time and money. The introduction of BIM and 3D CAD further contribute to this, although doubts remain as to whether 2D CAD or 3D..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

With HiCAD you even have the rainforest on your radar

HiCAD can be used in so many ways that even the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has already been able to benefit from it: In 2015, Georg Linder designed a radar reflector with the 2D/3D integrated CAD software of the ISD Group based in Dortmund.
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

HiCAD features for modular construction

Founded in 1948 as a carpenter‘s workshop, the family-owned company from Rhineland-Palatinate now carries out construction projects for industry and trade, for commercial and public clients as well as for the building industry at eight locations in Germany. The respective sectors include individual..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering, Roof and wall cladding

International projects at a high level

“During planning, geometrically complex building projects require a CAD software which makes the necessary tools available for all adjoining areas,” says Günther Mayerhofer, managing director and design manager of TESIGN – ALU | STAHL | GLAS | DESIGN GmbH, which was founded in 1998. The Austrian..
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