This is how metal engineers save costs with CAD-software

This is how metal engineers save costs with CAD-software

The 3D CAD-software HiCAD helps three experienced metal engineering companies to  accommodate even the most challenging client requests. In what way do these entrepreneurs save costs with the software and how do they book success with the application? We let the businesses talk for themselves!

Disselhorst Metaal

"We set up HiCAD step by step so that it comes closer to accommodating our wishes. The software absolutely helps us work more efficiently", tells Emiel Eilert. For example, Disselhorst Metaal uses the 3D CAD-software to automatically generate construction drawings. "If the 3D-model is correct, the software automatically makes a result of each part and generates a construction drawing. We only need to check if the paramaters are set up correctly. Consequently, our workers can start their work easily and without complications. The advantage of this is that it is clear what needs to be done and leaves our workers with no further questions."

We chose to work with HiCAD not because we wanted to save time or reduce waste, Eilert states. "At the time, the package was simply the best in sheet metal development. Making rough drawings on the back of beer mats does not happen anymore. Now, everything is 3D. The more products you design and make yourself, the higher the return on investment."

Would you like to know more about the smart CAD-software from ISD? Download the demo video and discover the advantages of HiCAD. And watch the HiCAD demo video here.


According to Jannick Breunis of Blozo there is only one way to make construction drawings, and that is in 3D. "3D is the norm. Everything that we get sent to us in 2D, we translate into a 3D CAD drawing." Which is quite useful, but the greatest advantages are found elsewhere. "We get the most value out of automating our actions. The system is provided with variable features and starts with a script in HiCAD. We use the software nearly every day."

However, Blozo does not yet work with all the features available in the 3D CAD-software. "Eventually we want to generate a 3D model. We would like to make a product configurator and a separate website, where our clients can fill in their parameters. With the assembled data, we can start our projects. The more assignments we can automate, the more advantageous the software. This saves time and provides a better idea of the necessary material. In addition, we can service our clients. Once the groundwork is in place, even an intern would be able to answer our clients' questions."

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Vlonder Plaatwerk

"Since 2009 we work fully with HiCAD 3D, but only in the last couple of years we have started automating more actions," Leon Gijsbers tells us. "We are not a pioneer in this area, but we do think we need to keep up with the market. HiCAD also provides more advantages than you would have thought. At the moment we connect HiCAD and our ERP system, as well as ERP and the nesting software. These connections save us time and diminish the possibility of making mistakes.

Vlonder Plaatwerk have also started making articles in their own ERP-package. They do not use HiCAD libraries because nearly all orders are custom orders. "And although we profit only a little from this because we work with a lot of single products, it is certainly handy. This also applies to the connection between the 3D CAD-system and the ERP. That is why we have improved our planning. It gives us a better overview and there are beter sequences. Also, thanks to the software connection we have changed our method of working. Before we largely used to recalculate our efforts. Now we can add more data earlier in the project and make a better comparison between our estimations and the actual costs."

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Golden tips to save costs in metal engineering