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Westluidense Poort in Tiel von WVH. Architect De Zwarte Hond.

CAD specialists in the building industry – a new target group

“While developing its software the ISD always keeps an eye on the latest trends, tailoring its functions to meet the requirements of the future”, explains Willem van Kreij, sales agent at the ISD Benelux. “Future-oriented developments such as full 2-D/3-D associativity, maximum flexibility during drafting and designing, or the integration of PDM/PLM have already been implemented in HiCAD and HELiOS the past. For the building and construction industry these features offer many advantages in practice, e.g. the possibility to create the 3-D model on the basis of an open, neutral file format such as IFC.

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BIM with IFC – further optimized by the ISD

Modifications to buildings frequently occur, especially when constructed from scratch. As soon as a drawing is updated, the actual completion can deviate from the original deadline. Also, modifications in the building stage will affect part quantities, e.g. the number of actually required doors after a changed building plan. If, in this situation, corrected part quantities and associated costs could be automatically synchronized and made available not just in the form of drawings, but also as data packages to all parties involved in the project, this success must be attributed to a concept called BIM.  

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Modify, correct, fine-tune: The long way to the perfect product.

Launching a sophisticated, tried and tested product on the market requires meticulous checks during each of the technically demanding stages of a product development and production process. Will the final product actually fulfil the required functional specifications? Is it as user-friendly as you had planned?

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Instant and perfect product variants through Smart Engineering

In the coming years, robots will take over routine tasks that used to be done by humans. But don’t worry – the cognitive and social skills of humans will, of course, continue to be needed. In fact, their role will become even more important in the wake of the digital transformation, as they will serve as interdisciplinary coordinators of value-added chains by interacting with machines and computer-aided systems, which will in turn enable them to build, control and maintain more intelligent machines. It’s safe to say that the field of Smart Engineering will play an increasingly prominent role in the future.

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An essential part of a PDM system: Version control throughout all design stages

According to market analyses of CIMdata and the British Standards Institute, 47 percent of the requested ISO certifications are rejected due to insufficient document management. Each year, 3 to 7 percent of the technical know-how is lost because of incorrectly filed engineering documents, and 20 percent of the development time is used for the search of the most recent product information.

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... always Up-to-date

With a software maintenance contract you have access to the latest technology and immediately benefit from all new developments and improvements.

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Always stay productive

The continuous improvement of our software is decisive for continuously optimized processes in your company. Nevertheless, the actually realizable competitive advantages lie above all in the effective use of our software. How fit are you?

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