This is how to get more out of your CAD software as a facade builder
CAD-Software HiCAD, Facade engineering

This is how to get more out of your CAD software as a facade builder

Is CAD software a cost for facade builders? Some facade builder companies believe so. Although software costs money, the application quickly transforms into a money-saving value-added tool. Okay, software may be less concrete as an investment than a machine. But, with that machine, often more..
CAD-Software HiCAD, Facade engineering

How are facade builders dealing with rising material costs?

The impact of rising material costs on facade builders is significant. In this respect, this type of company is not unique. On the positive side, facade builders do have tools to partially offset the extra costs. What effect do rising material costs, but also material shortages, have on facade..
Facade builder VPG Aluminium Frames saves costs with CAD software from HiCAD
CAD-Software HiCAD, Facade engineering

Facade builder VPG Aluminium Frames saves costs with CAD software from HiCAD

"Where it is difficult to design a complete facade in 2D, in 3D it fits like a glove." For Sander Mols of VPG Aluminium Frames, this is one of the clearest advantages of working with 3D CAD software. "In addition, there is less discussion because it is easier to get something right on paper and..
Golden tips on how to save costs in facade builder with CAD software
CAD-Software HiCAD, Facade engineering

4 tips: how to save costs in facade engineering with CAD software

With rapidly rising material prices and wages, every company is looking at how it can save on, yes, costs. So are facade builders. One reassurance is that most facade builder companies have opportunities to make cost savings with CAD software. We've gathered the most important tips for you.
Detail en afbeelding project Thermo Konstrukties
CAD-Software HiCAD, Facade engineering

Process optimisation for smarter facade engineering

The facade construction sector is developing at a rapid pace. It is scaling up automation and digitalisation. This is necessary: designs and materials are becoming increasingly complex to meet increasingly stringent requirements. After all, the façade plays an important role in fulfilling various..
tekenkamer Meyland
CAD-Software HiCAD, Steel engineering

Belgian customer Meyland satisfied with HiCAD's total solution

The name Meyland comes from Antoine De Meyere and Richard Roeland. They set up a shed in 1968, in Adegem Belgium, to maintain and repair machinery, in the grain and animal feed industry. Whereas the family business started out modestly in 1968, it has seen uninterrupted growth ever since. In 1973,..
Detail uit HiCAD geëngineerd door Habemo
CAD-Software HiCAD, Roof and wall cladding, Facade cladding

Belgian facade builder innovates with CAD software HiCAD

With over 90 employees, Habemo is one of Belgium's largest facade builders. To meet the ever higher (architectural) requirements, the company has been using HiCAD 3D software from ISD Group for some time. A conscious choice, according to director Timothy Oben.

HiCAD 2023 - Service Pack 1

With HiCAD 2023 SP1, the latest program version of our CAD software is now available.
HELiOS 2023 Service Pack 1 release

HELiOS 2023 - Service Pack 1

With HELiOS 2023 SP1, the latest program version of our PDM software is now available.
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